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Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd

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  • [2014-05-17] The advantages of the egg trays in Longkou Fuchang
    The egg trays in Longkou Fuchang are made of paper pulp,which is comprehensively used in packaging engineering as environmental friendly cushion materials. We analyzed the cushion mechanism of
  • [2014-05-17] what is egg tray
    An egg tray is a carton designed for carrying and transporting whole eggs. These cartons have a dimpled form in which each dimple accommodates an individual egg and isolates that egg from eggs in
  • [2014-05-17] Welcome to our shop
    Welcome to our shop! If you visit our shop it means that you automatically accept all these terms and conditions. Please carefully read all information concerning our guidelines, terms and
  • [2014-05-17] [ the market of egg tray ]
    The market of egg tray:
  • [2014-05-17] [ how to make an egg tray ]
    PMP( pulp moulding  buffer shockproof packaging products),is made of waste newspaper,waste carton paper or the scrap from paper mills and printing factory as raw material. During the hydraulic
  • [2014-05-17] [ the function of egg trays ]
    What is an egg tray used for?You may ask this question.We can realize the function of egg trays through the name.Actually an egg tray helps protect eggs against stresses exerted during
  • [2014-05-17] [ different kinds of egg trays ]
    According to the raw materials which constitute egg tray,there are different kinds of egg tray here.Actually there are mainly two kinds, plastic egg tray and paper pulp egg tray. Making use of
  • [2014-05-17] [ The advantages of the pulp molding machine in Longkou Fuchang
    Where to buy the best pulp molding machine with lowest price?Come to Longkou Fuchang,then you find the answer. Pulp molding is a technology to recycle the waste paper and make it to egg trays and
  • [2014-05-17] [ Our factory specializes in pulp molding machine from china ]
    Egg tray forming machine is one kind of machine which uses paper pulp as raw materials, making use of vacuum to adsorb paper pulp on product’s mould while regulating the time, so that the various
  • [2014-05-17] [ the history of egg tray ]
    Before  egg tray,  eggs were carried in egg baskets.An egg crate mattress, while following a similar form, is not used for egg transport. It is a light weight camping mattress which makes use of