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    147,000USD FOB Qingdao

Rotary Type Paper Egg Tray Machine is an kind of big model.

We can supply 4Ribs/8Ribs/12Ribs Rotary Type Forming Machine.

The Capapcity of FC-ZMG3-24 is about 2800-3200pcs/hr.

We supply single layer or multi layer fully automatic metal dryer.

Product NameRotary Type
Model:FC-ZMG3-24FC-ZMG4-32 FC-ZMG5-40FC-ZMG6-48
Forming Mold:24pcs32pcs40ps48pcs
Transfer Mold:3pcs4pcs5pcs6pcs

8Ribs Rotary Type Pulp Moudling Machine(FC-ZMG3-24) Intruction:

  • Pulp Moulding Machine is a kind of waste paper recycling machine,It can use almost all kind of waste paper as material to produce different Pulp Packing Product,Such as:Egg Tray,Egg Boxes,Apple Tray,Shoe Insert Tray,Wine packs,Industrial Packing Tray,Berry Punnets,Kidney Tray,Drink cup carrier,Peat Pot,etc.
  • Rotary type are the most popular model for big capacity request.And Rotary type forming machine had three type:4Ribs,8Ribs,12Ribs.
  • We have 4 model for 8Ribs Rotary type forming machine:FC-ZMG3-24,FC-ZMG4-32,FC-ZMG5-40,FC-ZMG6-48
  • Capacity is 3,000Pics/hr.4,000Pics/hr,5,000Pics/hr,6000Pics/hr for 30cavity Paper Egg Tray Producing.
  • Place of origin: Shandong, China
  • Brand: FUCHANG

High Capacity Egg Tray Machine FC-ZMG3-24

High Capacity Egg Tray Machine FC-ZMG3-24 bring in advanced technology to develop and exploit our own FC brand products. It gets good comments from customer and gain social acceptance in society as a result of its excellent performance characteristic. The main part of High Capacity Egg Tray Machine FC-ZMG3-24 use stainless steel material ,other auxiliary parts of Egg Tray Machine adopt domestic famous brand. We already develop automatic counting stacking and packing system etc.FC series Drum Type Egg Tray machine features of high efficiency, low maintenance and energy saving .The pulp molding system can use all kinds of waste paper to produce high quality molded fiber products .With different moulds it can produce egg trays, vegetable trays, fruit trays, can trays, seedling tray, etc.


FC-ZMG3-24 Rotary Type Paper Egg Tray Machine


Forming and transfer mold for Forming machine


4Unit 6layer fully automatic metal dryer


Automatic two stage Riello Brand Burner


Recirculating hot air blower


Wet air blower


Our pulp moulding machine is an kind of waste paper recycling machine.

With a different mold,Our machine can produce different pulp moulding product

  • Egg trays/ 6 cells egg box / 10 cells egg box / 12 cells egg box;
  • Fruit trays / cup trays / seeding cups / agricultral cups / shoe tree;
  • Innner industrial packages, like for TV, fan, battery, air conditioner and other electrical items
  • Disposable Medical Care Products, like Bedpan, sick pad, urinal pan

We can design and produce mold by custom’s request and sample.

We supply 6061Aluminum Alloy Pulp Mould with high quality to make sure the quality of fiunal pulp moulding product

Operate flow of Egg Tray Machine

After take sanitary measures of the waste paper, put the waste paper into hydrapulper with water. After progress of batting pulp , grind pulp, size mixing, then send the pulp into molding machine by pump. The foaming mould continuously uniform rotation, the mould absorb the pulp by vacuum, the pulp which adsorb to the mould uniformly dehydrate by Filter and Dehydration hole, Guarantee product and the mould compatibility. when the foaming moulds matched with transfer moulds ,the automatic control system send compression air to control the forming molds, at the same time, transfer mold form a vacuum, the product is send to the transfer mould , then the transfer mold put the product on to the conveyer belt of drying line. The Egg Tray Machine line also equipped with automatic packing ,automatic stacking and counting system so the products can packing well.

All Production line Introduction

The whole |Rotary Type Egg Tray Machine include Pulp Making System + Forming system +Drying system +packing system
(1):Pulping system Egg Tray Machine:
Paper pulp making is the first step of the pulp mold products .

The major equipment Inculding:Hydraulic pulper ,pulp pump ,water pup ,stirrer ,screen machine(vibration sieve) ,refiner machine and control cabinet.

(2): Forming system of Egg Tray Machine:
This part mainly is the egg tray forming machine. We could produce the forming mould and transfering mould based on our customers request. The material of the mould could be Alumminum, Resin, Plastic.

(3): Drying system:

We supply fully automatic metal dryer to our client.

It have two model: Single layer and Multi layer dryer

Single layer dryer run smoothly,multi-layer dryer can save space

(4): Packing system:

The major equipment Inculding:

Converyor+Auto counting machine+Auto press machine.

Fully automatic metal dryer

We supply fully automatic metal dryer with our forming machine.

We can supply single layer and multi layer dryer.

The main energy used to dryer the pulp moled products such as egg tray,egg box/egg carton,fuit tray,industrial tray can be cosen from 0#diesel oil,natrual gas,LPG,Heavy oil,coal,electricityetc,depending on local cost.

the energy consumption of our company drying line is 20%-30%less than the same domestic industry because the good design of dryer.

Multi layer dryer including:3Layer,4Layer,5Layer,6Layer.

Single layer run smoothly,Multi-layer dryer can save space

Supply Mold by custom request

  • Mold is the most imporatant part for Pulp Moulding machine,It will decide the quality of final product of prodcution line
  • We can offer the mould draft design for customers. Apart from designing and producing moulds for customers, we also provide the professional training and technical supporting in mould design and production.
  • We can also customize customers’ design, pattern and dimension, then the required molds will be made to fit for products to be packed.

Advantages of our mold

  • Fuchang Was set up in 1995, over 23 years experience in this field, Chinese reliable supplier, supported by the government and university.
  • Making the good quality paper tray products lies in the moulds.We’ve acquired many experiences in moulds-making and owned a professional technician team to make mould according to customers’ requirement.
  • We have our own CNC and mold processing centres, to make sure a good polishing surface and high accuracy.

Why Choose Fuchang:

  • Mould quality guaranteed;
  • CAD-CAM design program with high accuracy;
  • Polishing and processing with CNC machine with compact surface;
  • Mould maintenance and repaire training;
  • With hundreds of mould designs, like egg tray mould, egg carton mould, tableware mould, fruit tray mould, medical care products mould, and etc.

Mould Dies Processing

1. CAD software design according to customers’ design, pattern and dimension or sample.

2. Put aluminum block into CNC machine for processing and polishing.

3. Drill holes on mould dies reasonably for pulp and water flowing away.

4. Cover the stainless steel wiremesh on the forming mould for pulp suction.

5. Assembly moulds and polish again.

Longkou Fuchang Packing Machinery Co.ltd History

Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in Longkou,Shandong .We are the professional manufacturer of packing machinery since 1995 especially in Pulp Moulding Machine ,Paper Egg Tray Machine, PS foam food container Production Line,EPE foam Extrusion Line etc

The nearest airport of our factory is Yantai airport.

We welcome you come to visit us to check the quality of our machine in our factory.

We will pick you up at Yantai airport when you come to visit us.

Fuchang Certificate

Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd has obtained ISO9001 Certificate and CE Marking. Besides, Fuchang is the vice-president enterprise of China Pulp Molding Association. However, we’ve never stopped to go forward. As a leading company for pulp molding equipments in China, we control over the quality of the products strictly.Our products have passed the inspection by China quality and technical supervision bureau. Now we are producing more than 100 kinds of pulp molding machinery exported to over 50 countries.

Fuchang Team

A professional team with strong cohesion is one main reason why Fuchang achieved success. Employees in this team are senior engineers and technicists who made great contribution to mechanical design and manufacturing, electrification and automation, heat energy, paper making, process engineering, mould design. To solve customer’s potential worries and problem, our engineers are available to customer’s factory for installation, debugging and training. The engineer will provide the operational approach, production process technology, maintenance method.

Fuchang Case

Our machines have exported to many countries ,such as Egypt ,Ghana, South Africa ,Uzbekistan, Thailand ,Iceland ,India ,Venezuela ,Vietnam and so on .We keep up the management concept of taking customer’s profit into first consideration ,helping customers reduce the production cost ,improving the quality of the products and offering the best after-sale service

Our Advantage Services:

We have our own developing and manufacturing team, which guarantees that the advanced technology and excellent quality will be offered for our customers.

We support customize service. If any customers have new ideas about the products, we can provide a unique machine to make the products according to your requirements.

For every customer, we will choose the best fit material and components for the equipment.

We have our own mould design and making team. Sophisticated mould designs are available for customer’s selection. We also accept the samples sent by customers and we will design and make out to meet their needs

Fuchang Aftersale service

We arrange engineer to customer’s factory for installation and debugging, training.

Free charge of quality guarantee. Technical can go abroad for technical services.

Transportation Service:

Shipping, train, flight, we can guarantee the safe delivery to customer’s country.

FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, FCA, DDU, Express Delivery

Payment Accepted: T/T, L/C, Credit Card, Western Union, Cash, Escrow.

Currency Accepted: USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, HKD, GBP, CNY

Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd adheres to the customer’s demand as own duty, constantly to proceed product research and development and technological innovation, actively forge ahead in the plastic packaging machinery industry, constantly improve, to ensure that the product is the industry leader.

Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd will take the enterprise conception of high quality, honesty, factual and innovate, sincerely welcome the friends from all over the world to visit us!

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