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Longkou FuChang Packing Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address:No.118 Langyuan Road ,High-tech Zone ,Longkou ,Shandong Province, China 



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Principle of our Egg Tray Machine 
    After take sanitary measures of the waste paper, put the waste paper into hydrapulper with water. After progress of batting pulp , grind pulp, size mixing, then send the pulp into molding machine by pump. The foaming mould continuously uniform rotation, the mould absorb the pulp by vacuum, the pulp which adsorb to the mould uniformly dehydrate by Filter and Dehydration hole, Guarantee product and the mould compatibility. when the foaming moulds matched with transfer moulds ,the automatic control system send compression air to control the forming molds, at the same time, transfer mold  form a vacuum, the product is send to the transfer mould , then the transfer mold put the product on to the conveyer belt of drying line. The Egg Tray Machine line also equipped with automatic packing ,automatic stacking and counting system so the products can packing well. 
Principle of EPE Foam Sheet Extruder Line:
EPE Foam Sheet Extruder Line introduction : The L/D of screw is 55 : 1.The raw material is high pressure and low density polyethylene . Through extruding system basis on formulation the raw material and the auxiliary material are transported into hopper by auto feeding system. The GMS will be injected into barrel by the pump as anti-contractor agent . Butane pump inject the liquid butane into the screw barrel and foam .The temperature is dropped by the barrel then the products will be extruded from the machine head . Fixed and cooled by fixing drum then after processed by expanding system ,haul-off system and winding system . According to the demand for length by customer, automatically warned by meter counter, and then change rolls automatic .After make record of the weight and packed can be delivery to the warehouse.